Looking for production value
 in front and behind the camera ?
Shooting in Switzerland is the smart way to go
There are not many places in the world
 where you have : castles,
... mountains
... modern and old cities
... snow
... roads
... And all within an hour’s drive
We are welcoming film shootings for feature film, television, commercials, corporate, documentary and photo shootings since 1996.
DH Film Service is your partner in Switzerland
The way to go
The way to go

We provide production services for feature and documentary films, commercials and photo shootings since 1996.

Switzerland isn't just about the alps, cheese and cuckoo clocks… All kinds of appealing urban locations - from airport to museums - may fit your needs by offering unexpected opportunities.

We have an extensive experience in providing appropriate support to international productions for their scouting and shooting purposes in Switzerland, so we may be the right partner for your next project.

At ease in French, German and English, we provide full line production services, such as scouting, filming permits, location management, local crew hire, logistics, local talents and extras' casting, and this all the way through to production closure.

If you can schedule a preliminary scouting trip into your schedule, it's always worthwhile since it help to look in advance for creative and efficient solutions.

To insure a smooth and efficient shooting, we highly recommend to get in touch with us as early as possible.